“We’re making theater”: The Nashville Opera’s Production of Mozart’s Masterpiece “The Magic Flute”.

“Wir machen Theater!” or “We’re making theater!” in English. The Nashville Opera’s recent production of Mozart’s timeless classic “The Magic Flute” (Die Zauberflöte) is a testimony to this long-held German sentiment of what it is to ‘make theater.’ What does that mean and why is it important in this review? Making theater means putting a…

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Concert Review: Holidays on ‘The Hill”: A concert of Christmas music by Western Kentucky University’s Symphony and Symphonic Band, and the Southern Kentucky Choral Society

https://musiterania.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/WKU-Symphony-Concert-12_1_2023-Friday-19_30-Van-Meter-Auditorium-Western-Kentucky-University-Bowling-Green-Kentucky.pdf December 2, 2023 –  The Music Department at Western Kentucky University presented the program entitled “Holiday on the Hill” featuring the WKU Symphonic Band, the WKU Symphony, and the Southern Kentucky Choral Society under the guidance of Dr. Brian St. John, the Baker Professor of Music, Music Director and Conductor of the WKU Symphony.…

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Filling in the Gap: Part of the Musiterania™ Mission

A person playing a piano

The realm of music is vast and the part that any individual plays in it varies greatly from person to person. It isn’t uncommon for people to be skeptical when you share your idea of becoming a musician because it has always been a really rocky financial road. This is where Musiterania™ seeks to fill…

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The New Year 2023 and the Need

A Stage With Blue Color Lighting

This blog post is more like a letter to those who are interested in Musiterania™. I launched this website several years ago while I was very involved in caring for my elderly parents. I wanted to get to work on the vision of this website while dealing with all of the issues surrounding my parent’s…

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Building Your Music “Business”


It was the mid 1970s when I first got the bug to become a musician. I was already in my teens and so the early development of learning an instrument had already past. I wanted to be a musician but wasn’t very good at any instrument except my voice. So I became a “singer”. I…

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Residuals: The Artist’s Cash Machine

A man holding his guitar in a case

You’ve heard about residuals? You know, residuals, those little checks that come in long after the work is done?’ (Read on at the bottom for another way to residuals) Record a song, it plays on radio stations, you get paid every time it plays and you don’t even know it is playing, you just get…

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