One Day at a Time

It has been about a year since this site first launched. From that point up until now there have been many challenges to progress. Life is often full of such distractions and it doesn’t really help that it happens to everyone too, when it happens to you.

Since last year, my father’s health had taken a nose dive starting right around Christmas. During the first 3 months he was struggling just to survive. Luckily, in March he went to see a different doctor and he made a plan to try and help my father get his condition better.

After multiple hospitalizations, four different procedures, and weeks of rehab and rest he is now about 75% better than he was a year ago.

The Coronavirus Pandemic and the added security concerns in relation to my father, and with all of the other things I had to attend to on his behalf, which were quite a few, I just couldn’t find the time or strength to move forward on this project and just had to put it on hold until I could get back in front of it again.

In spite of all of that, people have been registering on the website all along while I was “away”. All year long people have been registering before I was even aware of it, because I had done nothing to promote it, or hardly mentioned it to anyone.

I believe that once all of the wheels are on this bus, that we will be cruising down the highway on the road to something very special. I am so grateful to those people who have already registered. You can’t know how much that has inspired me. I will do my best to earn your trust and your enthusiasm going forward.

Rebirth, New Name, and a New Start

So here I am, working really hard to get the systems in place and the website in good shape so I can finally open the doors and let folks get started with this program. I’ll be the first to admit, there is a lot more to it than I had ever imagined.

In the coming weeks I will be using a new completely unique name for this website and the project as a whole which is actually much better and a lot more entertaining as the Solimusic name, as much as I liked it. There are multitudes of reasons not to use that name, and I guarantee you that the new name will be a lot of fun as well as effective.

I don’t have a time frame quite yet to say exactly when the doors will open for business, but right now I am doing pre-launch activities to get warmed up to it.

Please visit the Daily Calls and the Weekly Webinar pages available at the bottom of the website so you can communicate with me if you like, or just listen in. These calls will be a resource to help you sponsor members, earn more commissions and be a part of what I believe will be an international movement of musicians, making the decision that we can support each other and support ourselves when we work together in a spirit of cooperation.

Right now registration is open and free. Encourage others to register for free under the members menu and make sure you ask them to put your name as their sponsor so when they do purchase a membership that you get credit for that referral.

My life’s mission is to lead this company and its members to musical prosperity and become a permanent institution in the world of music.

This time, I won’t let things get in the way of you becoming more secure, more confident, and feeling positive about the future with this program.

Everything I do, I do because of this…

I learned that a colleague of mine passed away recently in large part due to the stress of not being financially and socially secure. He was a fine musician, a really nice person, and had worked very hard to achieve the things he had achieved in his life. A masters in Music and History, plus the ability to build guitars.

When I think that this program could have been a home and a place to increase his influence in the world and build an income that could support him over time it saddens me greatly that I didn’t at least make it possible for him.

He is not the only person suffering during this Pandemic as a musician or any other performing artist for that matter. I feel it is my duty to bring this program to life and to change the trajectory that the world of music has had in this past and most dreadful year, 2020.

I know not everyone is going to become a part of this. You should understand that too. It is for all musicians, but it is really for those who lock arms with this mission to create a more secure and independent existence for yourselves and musicians everywhere.

The motto is:

“Get started today, and help 2 people get started tomorrow!”

Just like this girl starting to learn to play the guitar, it feels too big for her, it is awkward, it is difficult to understand. We as musicians understand that possibly more than anyone. That is where I am with this mission, but I am not going to put the instrument down and quit, but I am going to proceed onward and get better at it, “One day at a time.”

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  1. Timothy Simpson on February 4, 2021 at 7:55 pm

    I am looking forward to this site becoming active!