About Musiterania and the Network for Independent Musicians

Mission Statement

Musiterania™ is a membership website that provides internet based systems for an international association of independent musicians who cooperate through a network of local chapters to build the musical endeavors of its members. Headquartered in Bowling Green, Kentucky USA, Musiterania™ serves the needs of musicians age 18 and over through vital information concerning the profession of music, managing a life in music, and help musicians earn a reliable income over time.

From the Founder:

Dear Independent Musicians

I want to welcome you to this website and the project called “Musiterania” and I wanted to introduce myself to you. Please also watch the video below!

My name is Timothy Simpson, and I had a successful full-time career as an operatic leading tenor working in German theaters for about 20 years. During that time, I sang leading roles in over 60 operas, with some of the most wonderful and talented colleagues you could ever want to meet. The life in the theater is full of artisans of all kinds and this interaction of highly skilled and dedicated people is really something to behold. I am so grateful for my experience during those wonderful years. However, it became difficult for me to sing, for reasons I do not even understand, and so I ultimately had to end my career.


One reason I was inspired to create this company is because I remember how great it was to be associated with a company where I worked and that also supported me. As a musician I was always completely aware that my ability to earn a living in the music business was at best very fragile. Even during times when I was doing well, there were periods where I didn’t really have regular income coming in, so at times it got a little tight.

No matter who you are or how successful you may be right now, there is always a chance that a musician ceases to be the flavor of the month. Whether it is through age, illness, injury, social, and physical changes, there are times when you simply are no longer able to make an income as a musician. I freely admit, this happened to me.

I asked myself, “What is my artistic mission going to be for the rest of my life?” I have been through many ideas such as teaching, coaching, managing, being an agent, music director in schools or churches and the list goes on and on. All of them are really good ideas. However, I asked myself a better question, “What can I create so that musicians can remain musicians for their entire lives and be able to build an income even if they no longer can participate in music professionally?” It is possible for every person to create a website which is designed to earn income for themselves, and they should.

However, it is a difficult thing to do, and rather expensive. It requires a lot of work and consistency to build an ever-growing website that is powerful enough to attract that kind of attention. I know, I have tried it. It is not easy.

I decided that my mission would be to work every day for other musicians, who are out there and love music as much as I do.

By building a membership website designed for the very purpose of making a real monetary difference in a musician’s life and not just another information or membership site.

With Musiterania musicians can have a presence online with a profile page, have access to information vital to their success, be a part of a community of musicians in their own town and internationally, and to be able to earn an ever growing income by becoming a representative of this company as an independent contractor in the affiliate program of the website.

At the age of 60 most people are looking towards retirement and I can tell you finding a “job” at this age looks a lot different than it does at 30. When you are 30 you are too young and do not have much experience, and at 60 you are too old, and nobody cares about what your experience has been.

I have looked at every possible option for work for the next period of time and simply decided that the only thing I want to work for is in the cause of music, because I believe it is one of the greatest things a human being can do. My goal is to work for musicians by building this company for the rest of my life, that this company will long outlive me, and continue to serve musicians into the infinite future.

I currently live in Bowling Green, Kentucky where I was raised. I graduated from Western Kentucky University with a Music Education degree and the Eastman School of Music with a degree in Performance. I was a member of the Chautauqua Opera Apprentice and Studio program, the International Opera Studio of the Zürich Opera House, and was a full-time soloist in 6 different German Theater companies and guest in many others.

One of the exciting aspects about building this company for me is that I will be able to travel extensively getting to know you in your home towns and get to hear some wonderful musicians that are a part of this organization. While doing this I will be helping you build your income, your local chapters, and empowering musicians all around the world.

My vision is to make a real difference in the lives of thousands of musicians of all ages and all types around the globe, but my key focus is on each individual Independent Musician and I ask myself every day, “What can I do to help you?”

I want to practice piano every day and maybe perform some in the future because I love being a musician. But my job is to build an awesome program so that you are served in a real and meaningful way.

Welcome to Musiterania and I look forward to meeting you personally soon.


Timothy Simpson