Residuals: The Artist’s Cash Machine

You’ve heard about residuals? You know, residuals, those little checks that come in long after the work is done?’

(Read on at the bottom for another way to residuals)

Record a song, it plays on radio stations, you get paid every time it plays and you don’t even know it is playing, you just get the check. Or you publish a Record with all of the means out there today and every time it is played, somebody sends you a check.

If you are a Beatle, you are swimming in these checks. If you are Paul McCartney you are worth more than a billion bucks largely due to it.

The problem with it? Creating such a hit isn’t such an easy thing to do, especially today.

Keep in mind, that there are a lot of people making money off of those songs other than the creators of it. In fact, the artist doesn’t even get most of the money from it. On top of that, to be able to even have a hit at all predisposes the assumption that a company will sign you, promote your music, and give you a shot. Just getting through the front door is a really big deal.

But, having said that, the ticket to all of this is creating music yourself…no…it isn’t even that, it is creating boatloads of music yourself. Become a song writing machine. Those who make the truly big bucks are those who wrote the songs, not necessarily the performers of them.

I started to try and write songs by myself when I was a teen. I wrote some okay stuff, but none of it was at that level of being actually good. Plus, I wasn’t all that good an instrumentalist to where I could tinker a song into being. I was wanting to write progressive rock songs, which is way too complex if you are just getting started, besides, most prog rock songs are created in the studio at the time of recording and mixed together. So, I was doing it the hard way.

Write simple songs. Simple lyrics, simple tunes, simple harmonies. Write them often and you will get better. Whether any one of them gets to the top 100 is a big “if” and it may not come until you have written 400 songs already and performed for years at venues nice or sketchy.

What can you do in the mean time to earn residuals? That is a good question.

Musiterania™ is built for this purpose. The goal of Musiterania™ is to offer a way for musicians of all kinds to earn a steadily growing monthly residual income over time by helping us build the business of supporting musicians.

Musiterania’s concept is to build a network of member chapters in cities and towns all over the country and world to help musicians become successful. What are you getting paid to do? You are getting paid to refer new members into Musiterania™. In the beginning that is all there is to it.

In order for Musiterania™ to be successful, this is the core of what has to happen. Musiterania™ is a platform first and foremost. It is a platform on which musicians can build an income. But that isn’t all it will do into the future. Selling your music in the shop, promoting your concerts and the concerts of others by helping sell tickets to them to grow you income even more.

What my mission is as the founder and owner of Musiterania™ is to help musicians be musicians and make a dependable income by working with Musiterania™.

I’ll tell you what I am tired of when it comes to musicians.

  1. Musicians being starving musicians.
  2. Musicians performing for free. (I am not saying you shouldn’t, but I am saying you shouldn’t always.)
  3. Musicians having no organization that is designed to actually help them earn an income while not being an “employee” or remaining independent.
  4. Musicians dedicating their lives to the art they love and coming out with nothing at the end.
  5. Musicians working their “Day Jobs”, which starves them of their energy and passion for music.
  6. Musicians being dependent on benefactors, donations, and government programs for their income.
  7. Musicians being a non-profit entity, which in my view is basically the thing that keeps musicians dependent.

I am doing this because I have had a dream for a long time. The dream is to create a situation where participation in music pays off, and can pay off in a real way even if you aren’t Jay-Z.

The goal with Musiterania™ isn’t necessarily to make you rich fast, or rich at all, but rather as a secure and stable level of income to support you as a full time musician. Ideally, the network built from this can be a spring board for you into the “industry.” and heaven knows every success story Musiterania™ will be greatly applauded!

That is why Musiterania™ is built “For musicians, By musicians.” Musiterania™ is like an imaginary virtual world where the people can exist in a world built especially for musicians. Ideally, Musiterania™ will be able to move from the “virtual” realm, into the “real” realm by building facilities in towns and cities which have a membership large enough to build them. In these facilities you will be able to meet, practice, give lessons, perform, record and do workshops. Anything you want to use the facility for will be available to you, no matter where you go.

I have a big vision for Musiterania™ that includes ideas that you will want to be a part of and most importantly be proud to be a part of.

It all lives and dies with the Membership, the ability for YOU, the independent musician, to build “Residuals” based on the people you refer into the company. Your success is Musiterania™’s success.

Here is how you “Do It”.

  1. Get Started: Register as a Member and Purchase the Monthly Maestro Membership that will automatically bill each month.
  2. Show others how to Get Started. (Make sure they use your affiliate code!)
  3. Earn a commission on each member you refer every month you and they remain a Maestro Member.

Musiterania™ is doing everything it can to make this as simple as possible.

Make no mistake. You are being paid for performing a very important service to the company. If I had to go out and sign up everyone myself, it couldn’t be done, and you wouldn’t earn any money. Musiterania™ is paying you to find new members for our community of musicians for the purpose of building a better life for musicians.

How many Maestro Members can you refer over 5 years? 10, 50, 100? More? By doing that and by people staying members, you will be able to earn a higher percentage residual than you would from any recording contract in existence, while still being able to do whatever you want to do in music.

The idea isn’t to take up all of your time doing this, no, it is to set you free so you have time and some resources to fully commit to your music.

Here is the motto for our Residual Sales Strategy: “Get started today, help others get started tomorrow.”

Steps to Membership.

  1. Go to the MEMBERS tab and register for free.
  2. Go to the Shop and Purchase the Maestro Membership.
  3. Set up your account in Musiterania™.
  4. Set up your merchant account so that you can be sent money.

That is it. Now show others.

Let’s grow this and make being a musician one of the best things to do on earth!

(Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of income. Your income will be based on the number of referrals you make which can be affected by many conditions.)

The other thing I always want to remind Musicians of is that there are many ways to earn income as a musician and you should do as much as you can to do as well as you can and to keep as much as you can to build your financial security. The best way to stop musicians from becoming a starving musician is to not be one yourself! Musiterania™ is here to help.

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