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Musiterania™ is an international association of independent musicians, those who love music, and those who work in music related areas, organized in a cooperative spirit called "Coperor". To cooperate means that Musiterania™ is created to support the efforts of musicians, businesses, and organizations in becoming successful in what they do.  

Becoming an associate of Musiterania™ is free and you can become associated with Musiterania™ for life. 

Musiterania™ will create chapters in local communities that meet on a regular basis. These local chapters are to connected through the Musiterania™.com website and will create a network of chapters worldwide. 

When you become an associate by registering on the website you automatically receive an Associate Affiliate Identification Number. The Affiliate ID enables you to refer new associates into Musiterania™ and get credit when those associates purchase commissionable products offered by Musiterania™.

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