The New Year 2023 and the Need

This blog post is more like a letter to those who are interested in Musiterania™.

I launched this website several years ago while I was very involved in caring for my elderly parents. I wanted to get to work on the vision of this website while dealing with all of the issues surrounding my parent’s care. I would get started, then something big would happen and completely knock me off course. This past year my brother was very ill but has now been treated for his disease with nothing short of a miracle.

During this past year, I have been questioning whether I should continue on this quest or drop it and work on other projects that don’t require so many things to attend to.

For myself, it would be a lot less hassle to do this, to be honest. Building such a website, maintaining it, and taking care of all the things that may come up is a full-time job for sure. I’ll admit it is much more difficult to do than I had ever imagined.

However, time and again I hear about the issues musicians are facing, not only the normal ones of just trying to make it in music, but the added disaster that the Covid pandemic piled on top of all of that.

The stories I hear are from friends, and acquaintances the world over. These are REAL people who have REAL situations in life that make being a musician really difficult. Everything from people having to do something else to make ends meet, to those who get ill either from Covid or any other disease, or musicians who are finding it difficult to do the things necessary (audition, perform, record, publish, promote) to move their careers forward.

In the realm of music, musicians are a part of things that pull at them, stretching them to their limits. There is no organization that is there to pour into musicians the things that can help them realize their vision. Maybe unions are helpful, and I hope they are, but they don’t necessarily help pay the bills.

Therefore I have decided to resume working on this project now that the path forward has been cleared.

My motivation is to provide a safe place for musicians to be and to build their endeavors around. Musiterania™ is like a hub that is the center of the many different areas of a musician’s endeavor comes together.

Musiterania™ will do its best to address the problems that musicians face with content pertinent to them. But, a large part of Musiterania™ is that the members also contribute their experience where we fuse all the experiences together into a spring of information available for members.

Creating this network on purpose to make a real difference in musicians’ lives is something I feel is drastically needed in the world and is something that I can pour myself into.

Over the past years, there are some rather tragic stories that may not have played out had Musiterania™ been a part of their lives. There have also been missed opportunities to help someone become well-known through the platform of Musiterania™.

It is my job to provide this service and network so that musicians can build their existence into the future.

When I was a singer with the Eutiner Sommerspiele in Germany, I remember the Director of the opera company, Siegfried Grote, getting up on stage and saying …:

“My heart beats for the singers.”

I’ll never forget that and it reminds me of how I really do feel about musicians. Not only am I a musician, but I also love being around musicians and I want to be able to provide the infrastructure that supports them.

Be patient with me as I grind through getting all systems going and finally am able to create the income-producing affiliate program that is at the center of Musiterania’s mission. Again, I wouldn’t go through all of this trouble if it didn’t create a reliable residual monthly income for members.

The New Year 2023 brings with it the “Need” for Musiterania™ in the world of music. I am determined to fulfill that need.

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