Filling in the Gap: Part of the Musiterania™ Mission

The realm of music is vast and the part that any individual plays in it varies greatly from person to person. It isn’t uncommon for people to be skeptical when you share your idea of becoming a musician because it has always been a really rocky financial road. This is where Musiterania™ seeks to fill a gap in the careers of musicians.

Whether you are currently a musician, have been one all of your life, are considering becoming a musician, or practice music as a source of enjoyment or as a hobby, Musiterania™ is designed for you.

What is important is to be active in your music-making by working with others who share your passion.

Of course, there are many groups and organizations to be joined toward the goal of working with musicians of common interests, but they provide no infrastructure to make it monetarily profitable for you. While we don’t love music because it can make us so much money we should still be interested in converting our passion into money if possible. Musiterania™ makes that possible without killing your joy of music.

The argument may be made that it is the struggle to earn a living in music that filters out the ranks of musicians to only those who ‘make it’ or are ‘worthy’ of it. However, in my view, participation in music is one of the best things a person can do, and there should be a viable path for those who simply love to make music to also build a living income with it.

In addition, Musiterania™ also encompasses all of the tributary occupations and fields of interest as well. For instance, if you are a huge fan of a certain rock group, and know a lot about it, then you can use your knowledge as a way to build your Musiterania™ affiliate commission income. You can help Musiterania™ build content by posting as a contributing member to the blog and with that attract new referrals.

Musiterania™ is to be used as your artistic home. What does that mean?

An “Artistic Home” is the place where you build your art. One day we hope to have physical locations where you can go and be a part of it in time and space. But, for now, Musiterania™ is to be used as your platform on which to build your career, or at least part of it…the part that lasts, and your income.

Filling in the gap is only part of the mission of Musiterania™ but it is one of the most important gaps there is. Plus, when you participate and help Musiterania™ grow over time, you can grow an income over time as well.

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Timothy Simpson