The Musiterania™ Affiliate Program

The entire mission of Musiterania™ is to find ways to make a "Real" difference in the lives of independent musicians. That means finding ways to help independent musicians build an income using Musiterania™ as a foundation. The affiliate program is an important part of that mission. Below you will be given the details about the affiliate program so that you can fully understand how it works and what you need to do to make it work for you. 

The General Idea of the Affiliate Program

The vision of Musiterania™ is to create a network of communities of independent musicians in cities, towns, and small towns all across the world. It is a big vision. The goal is the help Independent Musicians build a lifetime automatic residual income by their activity in Musiterania™.

This network of "chapters" can help each member grow their musical lives in a meaningful way using the spirit of "Coperor", cooperation. Now, is Musiterania™ the only way it suggests that independent musicians build a musical life? No, of course not. Musiterania™ is here to be a part of your musical life, not all of it.

The first level of being an Affiliate with Musiterania™ is the Maestro Membership. This is the first way that members can earn affiliate commissions. The commission percentage is 60% on Maestro Memberships, meaning, when you make just two paying member referrals you have paid for your membership, everything else you earn is above and beyond that.

Here are the numbers and how you could build your income over time just using the Maestro Membership.


An example of what is possible with Musiternia™ Maestro Membership Affiliate Program

There will be some guidelines and some rules to follow to be a part of Musiterania™ so we can run a tight ship and steer free of trouble when we do things the right way. Most of this happens when you know up front what is required and expected so that you have no surprises and so you can present Musiterania™ with confidence to others.

To be continued...