Coperor: The Spirit of Musiterania

I write this article to inspire the spirit of “Coperor” inside the realm of Music and especially Musiterania, because it is the lifeblood of it’s existence.

Musiterania will become a source of structure and stability for the independent musician when everyone who sees it for what it is meant to be, a cooperation, not a competition.

This begins from the very first time someone comes in contact with Musiterania because unless “Coperor” is at the heart of the message then the message is getting lost.

If people come to Musiterania with an attitude of mistrust, skepticism, and fear instead of an attitude of contribution, belief, and enthusiasm, then Musiterania is not for them. I’m not saying to not question things, I am saying that a negative mindset and a selfish attitude will not be a good fit in Musiterania.

It is all about this really. Let’s be honest. Asking someone to take a look at Musiterania is the job of an affiliate member of Musiterania. S-ICE Marketing LLC, the company that owns Musiterania, pays affiliates a commission based on the revenue from commissionable products, for now the Maestro Membership, they make possible. So yes, an affiliate is asking you to take a look at something that can make them money, which of course is the entire point of this company. If you have a negative feeling towards someone doing their job for this company, then you really will have a difficult time with Musiterania.

Joining Musiterania means to believe in the mission of Musiterania that we must approach it with a spirit of “Coperor”, cooperation, combining, and working with. Cooperation is first a commitment to contribution, and in the case of the Affiliate program, it is a monetary contribution, not only to Musiterania’s mission, to be an infrastructure of support for Independent Musicians, but also to contribute to a fellow Independent Musician in a meaningful way.

Music is a cooperation. It is contribution combined with benefit. Musicians must be good audience members as well as good performers. We support other musicians in their efforts because we all know how difficult it is and we want to give energy to their endeavors and we also appreciate it when others do the same for us.

One of the most pervasive attitudes in Western culture is that winning is all important. This creates an attitude of competition, of me against you. If I am going to be successful I must win, which means someone else has to lose. While competition to be the best elevates performance in some ways it also creates negative feelings in other ways.

In the dog eat dog world of music, competition is pervasive. This is true no matter what anyone says. With Musiterania the very idea of the concept is to have a place where this isn’t the case and that Members are here for the right reasons: to give, to support, to share, and to invite.

I want to say to someone looking at Musiterania to be excited about the things it can do for you, and not what the Membership fee will cost you, because the bottom line is, you are contributing to three worthy causes…

1. the company that makes it all possible.
2. An Independent Musician who is working on their music endeavor.
3. Your own mission as an Independent Musician.

I wrote in my book “Boredom to Brilliance” that a gift is not something we receive, but something we have that only has value when given to others.

As talented musicians we have been given the gift of musical talent. It is only a gift because it is what we have been given for the purpose of giving it to others. By giving it to others we can also receive other gifts in return, like applause, appreciation, admiration, friendships and also money. This is the “Coperor” spirit.

If I had one thing to say to Maestro Members of Musiterania, it is that your job as an Independent Contractor or “Affiliate”, is to give fellow musicians the gift of Musiterania by inviting them to take a look at it and to be a positive ambassador for it as well.

If you are reading this and want to join Musiterania, simply go and register under the Member tab on this website above, and register for free. Then purchase the Maestro Membership and you are then qualified to help us promote the vision of “Coperor”!

When you register place the name of the person who invited you to look at Musiterania in the space provided. This will ensure that they receive the commissions produced by your membership. If you made it here on your own enter Musiterania as your referring Affiliate and then we can work together to find the right affiliate for you to have as your referring Affiliate.

Every member must have a referring Affiliate and that remains for as long as both are members.

You can choose a referral Affiliate by looking through the profile pages of present Members. Here are some criteria that you can use in choosing your referral Affiliate:

1. Location
2. Genre
3. Instrument
4. Style
5. General feel

You want to support them and they want to support you and behind it all is Musiterania, that wants to help everyone succeed in their music endeavors.

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