We love making music! Why not get paid for it?

When I was a teen, a group of guys would get together and hang out playing guitars, flutes, and singing some of the popular songs of the day. Whether it is in a living room, in front of a campfire, or on the beach, getting together and making music is one of life’s greatest pastimes!

Soli Music is there to capture this passion and to help people who love making and listening to music also earn income while doing it. How? Through the Soli Music affiliate program!

Soli Music is offering members the opportunity to build income using the website as their own, and to help us promote it by sponsoring new members to Soli Music!

Making music is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and musicians spend a lot of time doing music regardless of whether they are earning income from it or not. Honestly, most musicians would do it for free because they simply love doing it.

But, Soli Music is here to provide an income stream for anyone, whether they are an amateur, a professional, a student or an audience member.

When you join Soli Music, you will be asked to identify your Sponsor, either through a Member ID code, or by choosing from a list of members. You can also join Soli Music directly with the company, and the commissions assigned from that Sponsorship will go into a special fund earmarked as the Affiliate General Fund. This fund will be used to payout commissions once a year to qualifying Member Affiliates. The parameters for qualification have yet to be determined. Stay tuned.

However, Soli Music encourages all Members to sign up through a Sponsoring Member Affiliate, because Soli Music wants the members to profit directly from Sponsoring.

The Sponsor – Member relationship is an established for life. That means that the Sponsor will earn the commissions based on the Member’s payments of Membership subscription and other commissionable offers through the website.

Soli Music does not want to facilitate changing sponsors since the point of the program is to build income over a lifetime. So, staying with your sponsor is a policy meant to also support you, because hopefully you will build your Sponsorships over time as well, and you will not want to lose commissions because of arbitrary desires to change sponsors.

Soli Music wants to ensure success for every member.

So if you love making music, listening to music, want to become a huge star, or just stay in your local community choir or orchestra, Soli Music is a place where you can monetize your music.

Join today, and help someone else join tomorrow! (Must be 18 or over to Join)

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