FAST Unlimited Video Hosting and Communications


Video is such an important factor in building a presence online. Video hosting is a huge headache, but this service makes this simple and most importantly fast! Plus you can build your list of people to contact and send them the latest about your artistic endeavors as often as you want. 

S-ICE and Musiterania use this platform for most of its video hosting and it is an affiliate of this service as well. When you purchase the service through this site, S-ICE will earn commissions and your doing so helps support Musiterania™ in its quest to better serve independent musicians. 

Plus, you can also be an affiliate of Bombbomb and earn commissions when you become a Bombbomb customer and earn more income, which is what Musiterania™ is all about helping you do! 



The key to today’s music marketing is video. Since MTV started the importance of Music on Video has become a true necessity. 

But, what to do with all of those videos you make?

You need a hosting service that uploads fast, is flexible in use, has unlimited capacity for a monthly fee, which is paid annually.

A great feature is that you can use this also as an Email or Texting platform to help you stay in contact with your audience and even better, they can answer you right back on video and text!

Musiterania™ wants you to become a skilled marketer and have a big impact in the world of music. This video system is a great way to do that!


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