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The Musiterania™ Ticket Referral System is really nothing more than offering an easy way for Members to promote their events, concerts, and recitals and monetize their musical endeavors.

Simply send your concert information and any pictures or graphics you want placed on your ticket and we will have it in the shop in no time.

Send to [email protected] subject NEW EVENT!

Please let us know what the price of admission will be. If for free, let us know that as well.

  • The commission for an affiliate on the ticket price is 25%, for helping promote the event.
  • Musiterania™ will retain 5% for the service.
  • The remaining 70% of the revenue will be sent to the venue, organizer, or artist of the event after completion of the event. It is up to the “producer of the event to compensate the performers”.
  • Keep in mind, that the venue, organizer, artist/group, or the individual members of the group can also earn the affiliate commission on top of what they earn in their role. 
  • In addition, with this system, affiliate members that are venues, and producers, can also earn commissions even if you are promoting another organization’s events, no matter where they are. 
  • This is the spirit of Coperor! Helping each other succeed!

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Ticket Referral System

Promote Musiterania" member events, earn commissions, grow your referral affiliate income, grow your audience, etc


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