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I love the website but I don't get "What is in it for me?"

It is natural to want to understand what becoming a Musiteranian will do for you.

First, realize that what it is right now, isn't all it is going to be. There is much more to the plan than what is available right now but it is important to remember that starting small is always like the seed for what is too grow out of it. Being in Musiterania™ at the "Seed" stage is a great thing. So, here are the benefits of being a Musiterania™ Maestro Member Referring Affiliate...right now.

  • The ability to build a regular recurring monthly income by helping Musiterania™ grow its membership.
  • Helps you create opportunities to perform.
  • A professionally built personal/professional "Profile" single webpage with the ability to add all you want into it.
    • Gives you a web presence without having to build your own website.
    • Includes all of the information you want to share with the world so people can find you online.
    • Helps you build your audience.
    • Includes your affiliate link which makes it possible to join Musiterania™ with you as their Referring Affiliate.
    • Includes links to any and all of the websites you wish to promote to increase the number of people visiting them because of their interest in you.
      • For example, your own website, the places where you perform or work, or websites that offer your services, how to contact your agent.
    • Includes the following possibilities...
      • Your performance dates, past and present.
      • Resumes or vitas you want to have posted on it.
      • Reviews you have received.
      • Videos
      • Audios
      • Pictures
  • You are invited to share you knowledge by submitting articles to be published in the Blog, giving you more authority status.
  • You become a part of a local, regional, statewide, nationwide, and international network of musicians which can help you make connections and grow your influence in the world of music.
  • You are supporting another musician in their musical endeavor.
  • By associating with something that is bigger than yourself, but lets you be yourself, your ability to grow within that infrastructure is increased.
  • You become part of the solution and stop being part of the problem, which is, the starving, insecure, and lonely musician out there beating the bushes for opportunities to perform.
  • To edit and update your webpage simply send an email to info@s-ice.com with the changes and in a few days your "Profile" webpage will be professionally updated for you!
  • It is fun to be a Musiteranian!

What is the "Vision" of the future for Musiterania™?

That is a big question. It all depends on how the Membership grows and what the needs and desires of the Membership are.

However, the vision for the future include the following ideas for helping musicians become more successful as well as being a part of something really fun and entertaining.

  • Creation of the TRS, and Ticketing Referral System that makes it possible for Maestro Members to earn extra-commissions on ticket sales to Musiterania™ events.
    • Recitals, Concerts, Workshops, Seminars...etc.
    • This system is designed to...
      • help you refer new members
      • increase attendance to performances because of the increased promotion
      • lets you earn income from tickets purchased by members that you referred.

One thing to keep in mind is that once a customer is associated with your "Affiliate Code" that relationship remains for life, so anything a customer/member purchases that is commissionable from Musiterania™ in the future, the referring affiliate earns a commission from.

  • A big part of the vision of Musiterania™ will be the establishment of performance, practice, and recording facilities so that independent musicians have a place to work in their location that isn't controlled by other organizations such as schools, churches, and privately owned facilities where you have to pay top dollar to use.
    • This will require a large number of Maestro members in a community to make the numbers work so that financing can be arranged for it. Music facilities are expensive to build and we want to do it right so it becomes an established institution in the world.
    • By creating a "Chain" of facilities, members will be able to travel to other locations and associate with fellow members for the purpose of putting on performances, creating working relationships and doing things that doesn't occur to me right now.
    • It makes it possible for members to create ensembles and gives them a place to practice as well.
    • These facilities will also provide instruments which musicians may not otherwise be capable of affording so that they can play on them and improve. (eg. pianos, guitars, synthesizers, etc.)
    • The facilities will also be safe and secure so that members will be able to use them in peace.
    • They will also house a staff and a mailbox if you would like to use a Musiterania™ facility as your mailing address.
    • Online room reservation system.

Part of the "Fun" of being a part of Musiterania™ will be the creation of a "Futuristic virtual paradise for independent musicians." This is really a marketing concept designed to help promote Musiterania™ into the world. The idea is to create something akin to "Hogwarts" or "The Lord of the Ring" type of fantasy world where everyone that exists in it are musicians of all types. This will be created to increase merchandise sales of the imaginary characters created in this world of make believe.

By doing this, we will be able to address issues of independent musicians in a light, entertaining, and informative way.

Musiterania™ will become like an imaginary nation, with all of the trimmings. It is for fun, but it also meant as another way to put more income into the pockets of the Maestro Member.

But first Musiterania™ must grow to a pretty large membership before we can add these elements to it. So it requires some faith and a shared vision of the future.