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Musiterania™ is a Membership Website dedicated to serving Independent Musicians.

By offering the ability to build income through the Affiliate Program musicians become a part of something bigger than themselves but can remain independent. We want to build a network of like minded musicians who at the local, state, regional, national, and international level in a spirit of cooperation to build your music endeavor while working together to make Musiterania™ a real world organization. No matter your age, location, musical preferences, level of musicianship, or how you enjoy music, whether professional or amateur, audience member or music business, you are invited to be a part of something special with international scope created on a local scale. 

This is a "For-Profit" business and is supported by the Membership alone. We don't accept donations, aren't supported by investors, nor is it a part of any government program. Musiterania™ is itself truly independent and its success is tied to the success of its members.  

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